Personal Taste (개인의 취향 ) also known as Personal Preference start ing from 31, 2010 – Episode 1 – 16 (End)

Title: Personal Taste ( 개인의 취향)
Also Known As: Personal Preference
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: March 31, 2010
Episodes: TBA
Replacing: Still, Marry Me


A restless girl wants a gay (male) friend, ’cause fag hags are cool. The guy wants a place to live, so he pretends to be gay as they live together.

Jun Jin Ho is a perfectionist who decides to act as a homosexual to become the roommate of his crush, who only befriends homosexual boys. Jun Jin Ho also enjoys seeing his room abnormally clean and neat, and of course, enjoys playing with girls as well.

Park Kae-in is a late-twenties furniture designer who is the daughter of a famous architecture professor. She is the young founder of her own furniture brand but frequently makes mistakes, and is “frustratingly trusting” in a way that makes her an easy target for betrayal when she trusts people she shouldn’t. Still, she maintains an upbeat demeanor and pure spirit. She’s been hurt a lot and has always wanted to have gay male friends (perhaps due to her numerous betrayals?), and the plot gets going when she gains new roommate Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho), whom she believes to be gay. Of course, he develops feelings for her but by then she has started to trust him, not knowing that their relationship was built on that lie.
Picture and synopsis source:

Lee Min Ho as Jun Jin Ho

Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In
Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul
Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee
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* Title: 개인의 취향 / Kaeinui Chwihyang
* Also known as: Personal Preference / Personal Taste
* Genre: Romance, comedy
* Episodes: TBA
* Broadcast network: MBC
* Broadcast period: 2010-Apr to TBA
* Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55


* Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho
* Son Ye Jin as Park Kae In
* Kim Ji Suk as Han Chang Ryul
* Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee
* Ryu Seung Ryong as Choi Kwan Jang
* Im Seul Ong as Kim Tae Hoon
* Choi Eun Seo as Hye Mi
* Jo Eun Ji
* Jung Sung Hwa
* Ahn Suk Hwan
* Bong Tae Kyu
* Jang Won Young

Production Credits

* Director: Son Hyung Suk (손형석)
* Original writing: Noval “Personal Preference” by Lee Sae In (이새인)
* Screenwriter: Park Hye Kyung (박혜경)

Personal Preference Episode 1
Personal Preference Episode 2
Personal Preference Episode 3
Personal Preference Episode 4
Personal Preference Episode 5
Personal Preference Episode 6

Personal Taste Trailer video clips

个 人趣向简介 Personal Taste Synopsis
个 人趣向第1集 Personal Taste Episode 1
个 人趣向第2集 Personal Taste Episode 2
个 人趣向第3集 Personal Taste Episode 3
个 人趣向第4集 Personal Taste Episode 4
个 人趣向第5集 Personal Taste Episode 5
个 人趣向第6集 Personal Taste Episode 6
个 人趣向第7集 Personal Taste Episode 7
个 人趣向第8集 Personal Taste Episode 8
个 人趣向第9集 Personal Taste Episode 9
个 人趣向第10集 Personal Taste Episode 10
个 人趣向第11集 Personal Taste Episode 11
个 人趣向第12集 Personal Taste Episode 12
个 人趣向第13集 Personal Taste Episode 13
个 人趣向第14集 Personal Taste Episode 14
个 人趣向第15集 Personal Taste Episode 15
个 人趣向第16集大結局 Personal Taste Episode 16 End

(With English Subtitles) Episode 1 to 11

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


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and all sources for the information and pictures)


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